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May 20, 2022

Last seen products for Shopware 6

Shopware 6
May 20, 2022


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Show your customers their recently viewed products

On many marketplaces and in many shops, this feature has long been standard and is indispensable. Collect all the products your customer has viewed during their stay in your shop and show them enriched in the form of a "Last Seen Products" Slider.

Most of us know this list of the most recently visited items from many online shops. However, we do not actively use it, but use it almost every time we visit the online shop. Every customer uses this list in his or her own way, either as inspiration, as a product comparison or simply to have a temporary shopping list ready.

This particularly important feature discreetly reminds the customer of the products he has already visited and brings them back to his memory again and again. The slider does not simply disappear if your customer visits your shop on another day. The products are stored in the customer's cookie and can be read out and displayed the next time they visit your shop.

"Recently viewed Products" are a conversion booster

Many tests have shown that customers have a special relationship with the products they have already visited in your shop. Your customer has a stronger relationship with these products than with all the other products in your product range that have not yet been visited. Above all, the product image of each individual item visited is firmly buried in their memory. This information can therefore be retrieved easily and very effectively.

It is especially important to give the customer small impulses over and over again and to place the recently visited products in his attention field. These products are particularly hot and very important for conversion. Not only for you as a shop owner, but much more for your customer, so that he can make the right choice.

Of course, the "Recently viewed Products" should not be placed directly at the top of the home page or on product lists, but rather discreetly. In such a way that the customer stumbles across them by chance and is not directly confronted with them. This approach should not be seen as aggressive, but rather promotes a positive shopping experience and helps the customer on their shopping tour in your online shop.

The "Recently viewed Products" slider is missing in Shopware 6

Unlike Shopware 5, the current generation of the Shopware shop is delivered without this slider. This was certainly not an oversight on Shopware's part, but rather a conscious decision. The customers' requirements for each individual feature are far too individual to be fulfilled 100% "out of the box".

But Shopware 6 offers developers a particularly versatile and flexible platform and allows them to implement their own wishes and especially the wishes of shop owners. The resulting product can be offered in the form of a plugin or an app in the Shopware Community Store.

And that is exactly what we have done 😀

Our "Recently viewed Products" slider plugin for Shopware 6

Last Seen Products Slider Plugin

This extension should not be missing in any online shop. Easy to maintain in the Shopping Experiences via CMS block. Shows the customer his last seen products in form of a slider.

We at pluszwei have been missing this feature for a long time and have developed a plugin for the Shopware Community Store. The plugin does exactly what we describe above and solves exactly this problem for you and your customers.

How the plugin works and how you can integrate it into your Showare 6 shop is best seen in this video. In it, Viktor explains what you can do with our plugin and how it helps you to make your customers happier.

If you would like to try out for yourself how the "Recently viewed Products" slider works in your daily shopping life, then visit our Demo Shop and try it out for yourself.

You are welcome to do anything and change anything you want in the Demo Shop. Our Demo Shop is reset to its starting point once a day during the night.

User: admin
Passwort: shopware

Our "Recently viewed Products Slider" app for Shopware 6

Last Seen Products Slider (Cloud)

You can use this app to create a slider for the recently viewed products and use it via the CMS block, the app supports Shopware Cloud, and Self-hosted Shops

New in the Shopware 6 world are the so-called Shopware Apps and these bring two big advantages with them.

Firstly, the apps can be installed on all self-hosted Shopware 6 instances and expand your shop in the same way as the plugins do. The apps can also be installed on the so-called Shopware 6 Cloud Shops. These installations are hosted and maintained by Shopware itself and cannot be extended with plugins.

For this reason, we have also developed our own app and offer it parallel to our plugin in the Shopware Community Store. The app comes with almost the same features, but due to technical limitations on the part of Shopware, it is still not 100% the same as its counterpart in the form of a plugin.

Viktor has also created a short video for the app and explains how it works and how it can be used in your Shopware shop.

And of course you are welcome to try out for yourself what our app does in our demo shop and see for yourself.


Let's summarise briefly. What is standard on almost all marketplaces and all online shops can now also be offered in your Shopware 6 shop. With our plugin and our app, you can easily place a "Recently viewed Products" slider anywhere in the shop and thus not only increase your conversion, but also make your customers a little bit happier.

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